Kliebert Krafts
                           From truck beds to wheelchairs, Mike Kliebert can build it all.
Mike Kliebert started designing his own boat in 1986. He hand-crafted and bolted the boat together himself. Go-Devil manufactures became interested in his designs for boat building. Go-Devil was only known for the long-shaft motors that are featured on the mud boats, presently. Go-Devil then hired Mike to start building his boats for the company. As the company grew, their varieties began to expand as well, however, Mike's design is still commonly used today.
Recognizing that he had something special, Mike Kliebert went into business for himself. He's built everything from church steeples, and Baptism booths to baking pans and crutches.  Mike's
        It is safe to say that Mike Kliebert is a jack of all trades and ultimately the best around!!
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