Home of the original "Swamp People" Established in 1957
Kliebert's Turtle and Alligator Farm
41083 West Yellow Water Rd
Hammond, LA 70403

SHOP: (985) 345-3617
TOLL-FREE:  1-800-854-9164
FAX:  1-(985) 542-9888

2014 - 2015:

March 1 - October 31st
Open:  7 days a week

November - End of February
(Winter Season)
Open:  Thursday - Sunday

(Closed Week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years)

11:00 AM until DARK

$5.00 (During Winter Season) 
$15.00 (all other times)
Ages (4-12):
$5.00 (During Winter Season)
$10.00 (all other times)
Ages (3-UNDER):

Welcome to the Kliebert's Swamp

Welcome to the new Kliebert's Turtle & Alligator Farm Website. This is a family owned business and has been for a lot of years. We are so glad you've decided to visit us today!

Come explore your guided adventure with a walk through the Swamp People Trail, as you first learn about the production facilities of our 47,000 turtles of all kinds.Continue your adventure as you see over 300 alligators in their natural habitat relaxing, sunbathing, or even nesting. What's most exciting about Kliebert's is our 57 year old gators that were hatched in 1957 by Harvey Kliebert. Along this tour you will view our feeding crew as they walk right up to the gators and hand feed these old beasts. Ranging from 9 to 18 feet, you best believe you will have your fill of the swamp!  Among many of our other animals, you will be impressed by our Nile Croc (Gumbo), our 15 foot Python (Marie Laveau), and our LEGENDARY CRUSH ( 15 foot, 1200 pound gator).  We here at Kliebert's have nearly nine decades of experience under our belt , so come out and .....GIT YA' GATOR ON!!!
We are dedicated to the preservation of the American Alligator, and believe that by raising them and finding ways to market them, we are contributing to their ultimate survival.
Stop and see us at our gift shop!!

We give you the opportunity to purchase
Alligator heads, Meat,Turtle Shells,
Gifts, and other hand crafted Novelties.